Rocks Digger International Est.

The International Rocks Digger Establishment is a sole Saudi proprietorship founded early 2002, specialising in the field of blasting and drilling technology and all that is related to it like the ​​geological studies, cadastral survey and mining. Its headquarters are based in Jeddah. Its activities vary between blasting rocks, rocks perforation, insurance and leasing of equipment (drilling equipment, marbling, and mining), security and purchase of explosives for projects. The corporation offers its services to all its customers in the various regions of the Kingdom, and it is very competent and willing to complete the largest projects in different kinds.

The corporation has implemented a number of major projects in Saudi Arabia, which include infrastructure projects of roads, water and sanitation and other networks. The International Rocks Digger Corporation has gained wide reputation and high status among its competitors because of its ability to execute projects efficiently and professionally using the best equipment and safety measures.

The experience and knowledge that the Establishment has gained in this area and its possession of advanced equipment as well as the highly trained workforce have all enabled the corporation to implement projects, concerned with a variety of blasting ways such as blasting of tunnels, terraces and the control of the shape (contour) and the blasting of the trenches and grooves, and surface blasting, and control of the vibrations caused by the blasting activity.

During the last ten years, the corporation has been able to blast more than 3,000,000 m3 of rock types. Its performance was based on the best quality standards complying with the deadlines of implementation in order to achieve complete satisfaction from the employers’ authorities. The corporation has implemented several projects that have been completed and other projects under way so far; its total value has reached more than 17,000,000 riyals.


The International Rocks Digger Corporation provides services of rocks drilling and blasting using modern scientific based methods and means. The corporation is characterised by practical field services, punctuality and seeks to expand its position through its expansion in the region and provides services that gain customer satisfaction.


At the Rocks Digger International Corporation, we seek to be more professional and effective in rocks drilling and blasting for infrastructure projects in the Kingdom. The corporation seeks to provide the public companies with the necessary needs and offer services that comply with quality specifications and standards in the different types of rocks blasting operations.


To achieve expansion in order to meet our customers’ needs in all regions through the establishment of branches across the kingdom, and to recruit high qualified professionals with the best skills and experiences nationally and globally to meet local market needs for high quality and efficacy, leading to a strong relationship based on mutual trust and then spread into the region.

Our Services

Rocks Drilling and blasting: The Company carries out all works of rocks cutting and blasting using rocks drilling equipment that is licensed by the Ministry of Interior.
Surveying Services: These are the basic operations for geological study to determine the type of the area and the requirements of the projects.
Geological Study Services: The study precedes rocks blasting in order identify rocks structural nature which contributes to the understanding of what type and amount of explosives, along appropriate equipment.
Mining Services: We provide mining services to competent companies in the field of cement and concrete industry and its derivatives.