Our Projects

Few days immediately after the establishment of the company early 2002, it received the Modern Trading Agencies Crusher Ltd. Co. project, and it is the largest crusher in the Middle East where it has three central crushers producing nearly 150,000 tons daily. The crushers work twenty-four hours a day, during which there is only one break for the periodic maintenance. It is still the largest and has contracts with major Saudi companies. Due to the large number of strong demand for raw materials with the increasing development projects in the country, crusher quarries have been approved in the area of Rabigh and Mecca. These will increase the production rate by 9000 tons per crusher quarry, which requires the production and supply of millions of tons of raw materials (gravel) in different sizes and quantities.
The RD (Rocks Digger International Corporation) has successfully implemented its work for the past ten years, from the extraction of more than 86,000.000 m3 (eighty-six million cubic meters) of rocks using explosives to meet the needs of the crusher and it was producing brominated gravel which is uniquely produced by the Trading Agencies crusher in the Kingdom. The full production is supplied to Mohammed bin Laden Company to be used in the expansion of the Grand Mosque and the building of Jamarat Bridge and other projects. After having experienced an increase in higher production of rocks, RD focused on project of modern Trading Agencies Limited due to increased customer crusher in recent years, such as:

1. Bin Laden Group
2. Mohammed bin Laden, Inc.
4. ARKIRIDON Arabia Ltd.
5. Saudi Oger LTD
6. Al-Tawi Company
7. Ridwan for Ready Mix Concrete and Cement
8. Namla Factory
9. Safa General Contractors LTD
10. General Contracting Agencies (JAC)
11. Peninsula Company
12. Saudi Company for Concrete Products (SCAPE)

13. Saudi Concrete Products Company Limited
14. Saudi Transport Beton Company STB
15. Commercial Qahs Foundation
16. Mohammed Saleh Al-Qarni Foundation
17. Bin Jarallah Est.
18. Nahdi Factory for Block
19. Arafa Tile factory
20. Azizia Factory
21. Mercury Trading and Contracting
22. East Corporation for Trading and Contracting
23. Jehan Holding Group Co.



Modern Trading Agencies Co.

Early 2002, the Company has contracted with Modern Trading Crusher Agencies which is the largest crusher in the Middle East producing approximately 150,000 tons daily.

Bin Laden Group Inc. (BRIMCO)

Project of ready-mixed concrete company (BRIMCO), which is one of bin Ladens group companies, providing needed supply for the expansion project of the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah

Marble Quarries for Mining Company

Project of marble quarries crusher for mining with marble quarries Mining Company to provide the raw materials on which the Marble Quarries Company relies on in its activities in the field of marble.

Al-Tawi Company

Project of Al-Tawi Crusher Company, which provides ready-mixed concrete, it also supplies the companies working on the Haramain Train and the expansion project of King Abdul Aziz Airport and other public and commercial projects.